How to Play Games While Earning Crypto

Gamers are known for their dedication, and cryptocurrencies, with their digital value, appeal to the same crowd. Crypto games let you play online and earn crypto coins at the same time. They are still fairly rare, but with more developers sneaking crypto mechanics into their games every day, they are becoming more popular. Try out one of these great games, supported by cryptos that you can play to earn crypto.

Gamers are spending more and more time streaming their games, and top streamers are earning massive incomes by building a large and engaged audience. If this seems like a way to make money playing your favorite games, you’re in luck: you can! From rewarding you with crypto-coin for playing to using that crypto-coin to purchase game time, there are many options to earn cryptocurrency while playing games.

How do crypto play-to-earn games work?

While crypto tokens aren’t normally associated with games, one company is getting in on the action. CoinFlip Games is an app that lets users buy and trade virtual-currency-based game tokens. Though the company’s focus is on digital games, the company’s founder Ross Levinsohn says he sees potential for a token-based cryptosystem to be used outside of games as well. “We built a system where you could use tokens to redeem for ‘real’ goods or services,” Levinsohn told CNBC. “Some games will allow you to redeem tokens in a virtual store to buy virtual goods and services. But we can also dream bigger.”

7 Best Play to Earn Crypto Games

Axie Infinity

The Axie Infinity is a 3D printer that scans, analyzes, and prints household and office objects. With a multitude of cartridges available, the Infinity can print anything from toys to personal accessories to furniture. When it’s time, simply scan your item using Infinity’s app, and print it. With the price beginning at $2,499, the Infinity is more expensive than other consumer printers. However, it’s also a much smarter and more powerful machine since it uses specially designed “bioinks” that can be printed directly into models, rather than printing on top of them, which requires additional steps.

Plant Vs. Undead

“Plant vs. undead” is a popular phrase among MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) players; it means “versus” and pits “plants” against “undead.” Despite its brevity, the phrase has stuck around. It all started with Team Fortress 2, an online first-person shooter in which players take the role of human soldiers that must fight the zombie-like “Undead.” In the Team Fortress 2 days, the “Plant” team (humans) and the “Undead” team were differentiated by the color of their helmets—blue for “Plant” and orange for “Undead.” Nowadays, MOBA players mostly choose from the two teams based on aesthetics, but at one point, there were a number of original MOBA games in which the terms “plant” and “undead” meant something entirely different.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a subsite of The Onion, the world’s only newspaper to read. A satirical news source, The Onion is famous for its biting social commentary and ability to make light of even the most serious of issues. In the 2016 presidential election, The Sandbox took on Donald Trump’s campaign, presenting him as an aggressive child who tantrums, threatens, bullies, and lies to anyone who crosses him.


Pegaxy is the world’s first molecularly-targeted cancer immunotherapy with a 3D-printed nano-particle. You don’t need a doctorate or Ph.D. to understand the science, but finding someone who is an expert in immunotherapy and how they work (or will work) might seem impossible.


Decentraland is a virtual marketplace where people can build and sell their own virtual worlds using a virtual reality platform. The marketplace is based on the Ethereum blockchain, and virtual real estate can be purchased using Ether coins. The virtual worlds have little to no proceeds, which makes it hard for developers to make a profit. However, Decentraland does have the potential to be a massive business, which gives it a lot of potential.

Blankos Block Party

The Blankos Block Party game is a puzzle game recognizable from the popular television show “Blue’s Clues.” Set in the preschool environment, the game has a brightly colored theme. The game involves counting blocks and then placing the blocks correctly in the path of the blue puppy. This cute blue puppy will fall into the void if a block is in the wrong place. The object of the game is for the puppy to fall into the hole.

Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is a virtual world simulation game where everyone starts out as a Free Will Thetan. From humble beginnings, you work your way back to the top to be a Thetan of Command. The Free Will and Thetan of Command are the saved players in the game. They are saved via a “save” process, and therefore instead of playing the game over and over, the Free Will Thetan continues in their progression to save themselves from being killed by other players, or the Thetan of Command can restart the progression for another player.

Playing your favorite games whilst you are making money from them is the ultimate accomplishment. With Crypto gambling platforms, gaming on the blockchain is becoming much more accessible.

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