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We know—looking at the pace with which technology is evolving, nothing about it seems easy or simple. But, sometimes all it takes is a little bit of knowledge and common sense to understand it all. The future is steeped in uncertainty, and it is at this crucial point that we must form a basic understanding of the new world if we are to live and thrive in it.

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A very new avenue of investing and transacting, cryptocurrency is as yet vastly undiscovered by the masses. Here, we try and unpack its fundamentals for (hopefully) easy comprehension.


The technology that in many ways forms the foundation of Web3. This is what enables cryptocurrency to exist and facilitates transactions for the decentralized world. Learn it in-depth here.


The ubiquity of software in today's world is undeniable. Both businesses and consumers find immense value and convenience with software of all kinds. Let's take a deep-dive into this.

What does the blog offer?

Our aim with this blog is to share knowledge and information about the latest technologies with all our readers. Whether you are completely unaware of the digital world, simply dabble in the science of technology, or are a tech whizz of extraordinary heights, we hope you can find something of interest here!  

Chloe - The Geek

She’s the brains behind everything we do at LDC. A full-stack developer by profession, her vision is to build the technology that will take our lives to the next level. Always on the hunt for the next new discovery, the next tech convention, and the next gaming set-up!

Opal - The Artist

Don’t be fooled by the title given to Opal, she’s a hardcore techie too. She just doesn’t work in development; design’s more her thing. UX-UI, websites, apps, graphic design—you name it, she’s worked on it. Here, you can meet her RAW version!

Ruby - The Writer

As much as she loves technical writing, she doesn’t like labeling herself a ‘writer’ (but we did it anyway—sorry Ruby). Her talents span a spectrum, with a sliver of that being trading & investments. So, guess who invested in Bitcoin before it was cool?

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