Meet The Force

This is the page where you can get to know us a little better and find out about the work we have done (and do)

Years Together

A business relationship that turned into a deep friendship. We still cannot believe that it’s been a decade!

Projects Completed

We work together as well as on individual projects. In both cases, they always give us a sense of fulfillment.

Happy Clients

Some have been with us since the start, some have come recently, and some are on the verge of converting. All in all—we’re happy!

Cups of Coffee

You better believe that we all love our morning cup(s) of Joe. Brainstorming sessions and client meetings are fueled by coffee.

Get To Know Us

You’ve come this far, read our posts, explored the website. Now it’s time to find out who we are. We come from different places, met by chance, and together we are stepping into a whole new paradigm in this ‘Brave New World’.

Head of Development - The Geek

Our go-to strategist for all things related to this blog and our work. A complete nerd right from her schooldays, Chloe is a levelheaded yet dynamic personality who gets things done. This blog is her brainchild.

Lead Designer - The Artist

Opal has always been the most artistically gifted person on the team. Her head’s almost always in the clouds, dreaming up new worlds. But when it comes to work, she knows her way around a tight deadline and almost always keeps up with it.

Content Head - The Writer

You will never find Ruby without a journal by her side. Her educational background is all technical, but she naturally gravitated towards writing. Now, she has found balance between the two — technical writer by day, an author of her own passions by night.

Our Journey So Far

When did we meet? What have we done so far? Here’s a small glimpse of our journey, if not the full thing.


The Year of Inception

The three of us were animatedly discussing our work over cups of coffee (of course!), when someone from the other table overheard us and asked us something. While we don’t remember what was asked, we knew what we had to do. We knew that there was something we had that others might need, too.


A Hiatus

Ever dealt with a situation when you knew what you must do, but life got in the way? That’s what happened with us and this blog. For a year, we were so caught up with our life events and work, that our collaborative efforts came to a standstill. But, a good year otherwise.


The Foundations Were Laid

We finally got to designing and building our website this year. It started off slow, but picked up pace as we were able to devote more time to this endeavor. We picked out names, decided what to write about, what work we were going to do, and more.


The Pandemic + The Present

The year that everyone will remember for a lifetime. Yes, the uncertainty of the pandemic did make us panicky, but once we got a grip of the situation, we were able to get back up. The blog work was happening in the background as we explored more ways to expand our income this year.